I'm a +47-based developer with more than 5218 days worth of experience in developing rich internet experiences.

I do both front-end and back-end work, mainly in HTML, CSS, Javascript and PHP. I'm an experienced ExpressionEngine and CraftCMS developer, but also dabble with Statamic and PyroCMS.

I'm not a designer.

I've worked at Virtual Garden Interactive, Screenplay (co-founder), Apt, Bleed, and is currently partner and developer at Værsågod. For more information about my CV, see my profile on LinkedIn.

Feel free to contact me either by mail, by phone at +47 95 75 88 02 or via skype, where my username is andreelvan.

Follow me on Twitter for occasional rants, raves and a few, rare words of wisdom.

If you want to visit me, my current office is at gallery TM51, located at Thorvald Meyers Gate 51 in Oslo.



Thank you for listening

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